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This original oil painting was inspired by the waters of Mediterranean Sea.
For this artwork I've used the genuine pigment lapis lazuli, made of semi precious stone. Throughout art history it was used to paint only very special parts of the artwork, for example the robe of the Holy Virgin Mary, as it was so expensive.
By using genuine lapis lazuli I want to underline the meaning of water for our planet and for me personally. This painting is about the purification, the healing, the energy, the blessings the ocean can give to us, if we open our hearts towards it.

Round shape/ tondo with a diameter of 50 cm with approximately 2,5 cm deep border, varnished. Signed in back and front. Ready to hang.

In Holy Waters

1.670,00 €Preis
  • Germany - free, 

    International - 20 €

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